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Τετάρτη, Ιουνίου 12, 2013

No Signal

No Signal

The absolute horrible decision of the Greek government to shut down the whole ERT suddenly overnight has shocked all of us! ERT is the Greek public radio and television network including web sites, a comprehensive historical media archive, all sorts of music groups from chamber music up to full orchestra, local stations, satellite broadcasting all over the world, rebroadcasting programs of other major stations like BBC and DW. Their goal was always to put quality before ratings, with the result that programs about the arts and culture, programs for disabled people, minorities, etc… etc… were broadcast solely by ERT.

All these have been switched off with a click overnight!

They say they did it because the bad state the economy is in. That the about 2,600 people working for ERT that will become unemployed will save money to the Greek state! To that there’s only one response: Fuck you! Sorry about the language but I am pretty pissed! If they really wanted to save money they should cut the money from the big banks golden boys’ bonuses’ or stop hiring their relatives with such high salaries, or even cut their own wages! Leave ERT alone! And if they want to cut expenses in the media ERT is where they should be looking for enormous, astronomical salaries to be cut!

I just hope that the huge outcry from Greece but all around the world too will force them to reconsider! 

buzz it!

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