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Σάββατο, Σεπτεμβρίου 05, 2009

Illustration Friday::Strong

This is my entry for this week’s “Illustration Friday”
(theme “Strong”), the fun showcase site that I discovered thro’ the great blog Surreality Bites
And of course it’s translated to English as it is an international “gathering”…
It’s my second entry, so I suppose I am still a newbie…
The cartoon has been published in the “9” magazine of the Eleftherotypia newspaper here in Athens.

BTW few observations on my fist week in Illustration Friday:
1. When in the first days I saw only work by women I thought that this was a women’s only site… but in the last days it was mostly guys… then I realized that it wasn’t a women’s only site only that women artists were more eager and/or punctual and/or prepared…
2. It took me forever to see all the entries! Whole days!... my work suffered… but it was thoroughly enjoyable!... I’ll get the hung of it eventually…
3. this site is not recommended for diabetics… as it is far too sweet!
I thought that if I saw another cute kid looking thro’ his/her magnifying glass at a cute insect I would go to a hyperglycemic shock!
4. I know that there is a forum and a blog but what I missed is a few lines about the (this and every) week’s “assignment” with the ability of feedback with general comments, ideas, observations, stating one’s favorite, etc… something like a magazine’s editorial (on steroids! ;-P )
If there was such a thing I would post this there…
5. Can I make a suggestion for a future “assignment” theme? “Penelope”! Off course in honor of Penelope Dullaghan (and because I have one ready!!! ;-P )
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