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Σάββατο, Φεβρουαρίου 18, 2012

Σημεία των Καιρών 29: Thank You World!

As a Greek I feel a deep need to thank the people in the “We’re all Greek” movement all around the world. Your solidarity to our plight warms our heart and it is very dear and important to us. What is worse than the economic crisis is the depression caused by the isolation, by the indifference, by even the open hostility expressed by some members of the international political, financial and media establishment, by the humiliation caused by the unreasonable demands of them.  It is heartwarming that the people of the world are on our side, they think of us, they are sympathetic to our plight, they even go out of their way to demonstrate these feelings. Thank you all and each one individually! Thank you world!

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