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Παρασκευή, Αυγούστου 13, 2010

Special Exits

“Wow! It’s finally out!

The excellent graphic novel “Special Exits” is soon coming out from Fantagraphics. It is a labor of love of more than 10 years by the American comic artist extraordinaire Joyce Farmer. Yes THE Joyce Farmer, one of the pioneer women comic artists to come out of the California Comics Revolution of the late 60s and she still goes strong! It is interesting what the (other) famous child of that “Revolution” Robert Crumb had to say about “Special Exits”: “One of the best long-narrative comics I’ve ever read, right up there with Gen of Hiroshima and Maus. It had a powerful effect on me... towards the end I actually found myself moved to tears.” Wow! Of course another reason I am excited about the publication of “Special Exits” is because I’ve seen it grow and take shape throughout those years as Joyce Farmer has honored me with her friendship. Some of my students at the Ornerakis Cartoon School would also remember her as she was gracious enough to present her work to them. I am really looking forward to have the book in my hand and re-read it again and again as I think it is one of the best graphic novels ever created!”

buzz it!

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Unknown είπε...

Wow! The official Fantagraphics blog “Flog” has reproduced my simple words about my friend Joyce Farmer excellent graphic novel “Special Exits”! Oh, if I only knew… if only I could be more eloquent…