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Κυριακή, Οκτωβρίου 11, 2009

Illustration Friday“Flying"

Life has been quite “bumpy” lately, that’s why I haven’t been able to participate in "Illustration Friday”… but seeing this week’s theme “Flying… I couldn’t resist it as it is a favorite and (often) recurring theme in my cartoons and comics*… the one that came fist in my mind is this… published quite a while ago (as if you wouldn’t gather that from the text!) in “Babel” comics magazine if my memory serves me right. What I do remember well is the thrill of working in this style… ink (brush, pen and …toothbrush!) and scratch (with a razor blade) on special smooth & shiny paper (here in Greece called-very aptly- “Illustration”)… How I miss this technique!...

*perhaps I should gather all of them (planes, balloons, angels, flying dragons, houses, beds, etc) in a book, eh? “Flying, etc” ….What do you think?
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2 σχόλια:

Unknown είπε...


owh i love your illo.

Full of energy and very dramatic instead of its simplicity.

LOve that fiery stroke like smoke.

Happy blogging ya :D

Tomás Serrano είπε...

Great illustration! No doubt: less is more. At least here...